How to get rid of a hickey?


Love seems incomplete without “love bites”. It is true. Unfortunately, not everyone will be pleased seeing you around with hickeys. To avoid these embarrassing moments, you need to treat these hickeys as fast as possible. Hickeys originate from sucking or kissing the skin too hard leading to broken capillaries and pooling of blood turning the skin purple or red. There is no need to worry about treatment of hickeys since it is not a serious skin condition and will only take come few days maybe a week or so to heal.

How to get rid of a hickey.

1. Cold Compress.

In order to heal a hickey, it is essential to break blood clots so that blood spreads out. Applying cold compress can help break blood clots because cold compress results in constriction of blood capillaries hence reduce bleeding.
Steps.- Place some ice cubes in a towel and press it against the hickey for about fifteen minutes, do it several times a day. The ice pack will hinder swelling around the hickey and also reduce pain in the affected area. Warning; Never apply ice directly on your skin, it could lead to ice burn.- Place a spoon in a freezer for about ten minutes. Wrap it on a piece of cloth, it could be a towel, and rub it around the hickey until the spoon gets warm. Repeat the same activity several times a day to achieve better results.

2. Use Peppermint.

Peppermint oil helps in stimulation of blood circulation and healing of blood capillaries. Where you don’t get peppermint oil, mint toothpaste can do similar activity. 
Steps.Get peppermint oil or mint toothpaste and apply it on the hickey, tingling sensation will begin but it will stop after some time. If you used mint toothpaste, remove it using a warm damp towel after tingling has stopped.Warning; This method can cause local irritation on your skin. So, never overdo it.

3. Massaging.

Massaging helps to break up the blood clot, hence disperses blood from the hickey and increase blood circulation in the affected area.
Steps.- Apply a warm towel on the hickey. Once it is warm, firmly massage the affected are using your hands.- Rub, in circular motion, from inside of the hickey, thereby breaking the blood clot and pushing blood away from the center of the hickey.- Then, place your fingers at the center of the hickey and apply pressure on it. Repeat it several times a day.

4. Toothbrush.

This is considered the most effective method of getting rid of hickey. It works by forcing blood back to the blood vessels.
Steps. – Gently brush the hickey and surrounding areas with a toothpaste. This stimulates blood circulation and pressing it too hard can worsen hickey’s condition.- After about fifteen minutes, swelling and redness will spread but will eventually drop after another fifteen minutes. – Finally, apply cold compress as discussed above. Repeat the process depending on condition of hickey.

5. Coin Method.

This is the most painful method used to treat hickeys. Therefore, you have to be careful when using this method so that you can’t worsen the situation of the hickey.
Steps.- Find a coin, stretch the skin flat on either side of the affected area using both fingers.- Using the edge of the coin, scarp the hickey outwards, from the center of the hickey. This will cause the blood clot to break. Your skin may turn red after scraping but in the long run it will fade away.

6. Vitamin K.

Vitamin K prevent blood clot hence it is used to treat bruises. Moreover, vitamin K can speed up healing process by helping the body reabsorb the pooled blood.
Steps.- Apply any lotion rich n vitamin K to the hickey 2 to 3 times a day.- Eat food rich in vitamin K for example; spinach, brown rice, broccoli and fish oil.- In addition, you can take vitamin K supplements to help the healing process.
Hickeys are nightmares anymore when you need to go out. There are real effective solutions to treat hickeys ranging from cold compression, using peppermint, massaging, using toothbrush, using coin method and vitamin K. The greatest of all; be careful while biting to avoid instances of hickeys arising.